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Entry #14

Well, seems im overdue for a post.

2009-09-18 10:21:00 by loperz619

As you all can see i ain't too good at this blogging thing. Not much to say to be honest. Seems the older we are the faster life goes. i remember last year waiting months and months for September to rear its little head. but this year, it just came. without any warning just. came, all over 7isunlucky.


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2009-09-19 22:59:53

I think I know what you mean. A lot of people were disappointed at Madness Day 08. It's not that MD08 was bad or anything, just that it wasn't as good as 07. Then Madness day just seemed less exciting so it came quicker (all over 7)


2009-09-19 23:11:12

I agree, time is really passing faster thasn ever for me to.