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As you all can see i ain't too good at this blogging thing. Not much to say to be honest. Seems the older we are the faster life goes. i remember last year waiting months and months for September to rear its little head. but this year, it just came. without any warning just. came, all over 7isunlucky.

Its my birthday!

2009-02-26 23:38:45 by loperz619

Well, shit went down the usual. :D


2009-02-10 22:33:20 by loperz619

Ok, this weeks topic: Memes, firstly there funny, for a week... then it just gets annoying.


Welcome one and welcome all! Come hear the tail of 7isunlucky!!

2009-01-24 01:34:16 by loperz619

Oh, hello! Welcome to newgrounds, I am loperz619 but everybody here calls me Loperz :D I hope your first experience with newgrounds was better than mine was, Ugh *Shudder*. ANYWAY! I am the one who leeked that video, ah. the times i has laughing, oh- so vary much. At this point i will explain who 7 is, his background, how we know him, and how much of a dick he is.

Here i go!

7isunlucky A.K.A. Blackqat on aim, has a reputation of being a total asshat to anyone he comes into contact with, We first notis'd this Asshaty-ness when me, Littleluckylink, and several others were working on a madness collaboration. 7isunlucky (Now will be referd to as 7) gave us a preview of something he called "Madness" Rest assured, we we're skeptical. We tryed to tell him what was wrong, like: Why does there head float?" and "Why is his hand smaller than his shoe" That kind of thing, oh- how he responded i assure you is NO way to respong to constructive criticism. he responded "NOU" At the time i was new to the internet and did not know what that meant, oh the joy as me and Littleluckylink had founding out what a asshole 7 truly was, we tryed to back 7 up and while attempting to back him up, and get everyone to like 7. we both found out. HE IS A FUCKING DOUCH!" Like seriously, his only response at the time was NOU. and the occasional FUC U. THEN THE LITTLE PRICK DECIDED. "SAYING NOU IS FOR NOOBS."
(i have the logs for reference)

And so, there is the legacy we call 7isunlucky.

Onece again, this has bin Loperz, and i hope to see much of you on newgrounds.

Welcome ---Chris

Oh, by the way. here is the video! 2r9A

Welcome one and welcome all! Come hear the tail of 7isunlucky!!

Newgrounds HEAR MY PLEAD!

2009-01-20 21:04:00 by loperz619

please, oh god PLEASE ban 7isunlucky's IP. its like. i TRY my hardest to be frends with the guy. BUT OH MY GOD. he is so FUCKING PERSISTANT!... Sigh* anyway. on to actual news...

IM WORKING ON A ANIMATION! yes, FUCK YES. finally FINALLY i'v started making somthing. But sadly its madness. (sorry newgrounds servergods.) Well, its currently .2% done with 2 frames of animation.

what elce, waht elce.. Oh, yeah! congrats on the baby LLL. i hope you have a good one!

I guess im coming back, But not for flash.

2008-12-01 20:47:15 by loperz619

Im returning to NG, But i will do a couple things first. I guess NG fixed ALOT of the lag issue since last i was here, (Not that anyone knows me >_>). Now that the lag is gone i guess i can start getting to know the forum again.

List of things i will do:

1: im going to redecorate since like, im not THAT into madness anymore.

2: If i DO' submit somthing it will be worked on, (unlike thoes. spam ive submitted).

3: I guess im going to start submitting music into the portal since im getting to know FL'.

Well imma start off with a music submission, its like the first music thing ive put thought into :3.
Tell me how it sounds :D

Its my birthday :)

2008-02-26 10:13:14 by loperz619

And id like to say happy birthday to me


2007-11-18 22:41:52 by loperz619

You guys, i won a ATV in a GH3 contest WOOT

Single division

First place: Wendy lopez (my sister)
Second place: Christian lopez (Me)
Third place: Mike (forgot his last name)

Co-op division

First place: Christian lopez & Wendy lopez
Name chosen: Loperz
Winings: Brand new SRX ATV

Second place: Mike & Anthony
Name chosen: Sick and trying (WTF?)
Winings: 200$ cash

Since me and my sis were on the same team the winings were Uped lol

Heres what we played, The single match was just 3 random songs on expert chosen by a computer.
The co-op song was (Of corce) Through the fire and flames on expert.

it was hard (Very hard) But we came through, mostly cuz i activated star power right before the "Easy" solo.

Oh man this ATV ROCKS!

Well on a colab related note, There now IS a due date so all u fuckers better start working.
The due date is on Jan 3rd for the parts, the actual day it is gonna be submited is going to be Jan 6.
(YK's B-day)

Now i predict this colab will rock all of your socks. Why u ask? Well becouse this colab is going to be more thought out than the last one. I mean we have way better animators in this time, and itll have parts that people acually put time into. Not like the last colab, it wassant thought out correctly and would have bin better if it had more time into it.

Well i hope this weekend was as good for you as it was for me.


Happy halloween(er)

2007-11-01 01:51:43 by loperz619

Hi peoples! its loperz here saying Happy halloween to all!

First off im going to say that this year me and my sister really out did ourselfs the front lawn looks badass.

Seriously, this halloween ROCKED! The only thing i diddent like was the fact that this year almost every kid was Scream*.

I mean its like this, every 1 out of 6 kids were scream*, and that kinda pissed me off.

So i brought my paintball gun and loded it up with some candy that i diddent like and started shooting cars :D.

It was fun. I was watching all the cars with little dents in em, I loled, Ooh this one guy stoped and complained to my parents.

So what i did was lode the gun with more candy and shoot away! Omg you shudda seen his car. I dented a smilie on it. When the guy saw it he got mad at me and started chaicing me, so i shot at him. It was funny seeing him drive away fliping me off, so i shot his hand.

Yep im that good a shot, he was a good 100 feet away when he fliped me off, so he stoped at a red light still fliping me off, I got pissed and shot at his hand around 3 times. The first time it his his trunk and made a Huge dent. The second time it hit his red light (The one that lights up when you hit the brakes, i forgot the name :P). The third time i hit his hand and i could hear him yell curse words at me LOL.

Dayum this was a good halloween (All hallows Eve.).

Well Hope you had a good one --Chris

PS. were im at its 11:00 so its still halloween :D

Colab stuff!

2007-10-23 23:08:52 by loperz619

People of NG Madness colab 3 is coming (I wish i had a screeni)

Ok people heres the deal

Littleluckylink and I are hosting the 3rd instalation of the madness nerousis colab

It will Be awsome!

Why u ask?

1: Our animators this time around ARE good animator

The good list includes:

JimmyDot, AlphaNuva(I reffer to him as AlphaN00ba but still the same)

And many (or so.) more!

As of now there are 5 spots left.

Yes you herd(Read) me right Only 5 spots left so get of your ass and Get animating!

Best of luck! -Christian Loperz (Lopez)

On a non colab related note, Remember my last blog?

about the Xbox360?

Well it came true!

Thats right as of last week.

Heres how:

I got this rich frend who just happends to have 2 Xboxs, One of em is partialy dmged (a lil scratch)
So i rack up the nerv and ask him "Hey, how much for the fucked up xbox?"
He says"That pice of shit? I dont know... 25$." And this is my reaction:"Oh shit seriously?!" He says "Yah sure i wont be needing it". So i run home and get my 25$ (BTW i saved 50 more.) and give it to him, He gave me the Xbox and i was on my merry way. So me pratackly prancing my way home with the almost brandnew Xbox in hand. I get home and i say to my perants "He just sold me a xbox360 for 25 friggin dollers" At first they dont beleave me so they call him up. They got it and they were just astonished. so i have up 10 more dollers by roofing and stuff, and what do ya know? I got Halo3!

Hurrah! i got what i wanted. it all worked out in the end YAY!

End of blog._